Diego Rivera Learning Complex

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Principal's Message

The Communication and Technology School on the Diego Rivera Learning Complex is committed to ensuring that every student is College and Career Ready.  We believe that it is our responsibility to provide exceptional first instruction and opportunities for intervention and enrichment within the school day.  
In order to address our school's theme we offer students elective coursework in Journalism, Speech, Exploring Computer Science, Digital Imaging, and Advanced Placement Computer Science Principals.  
The CATS family prioritizes students social and emotional wellbeing.  It is important that all of our students feel cared for, respected and supported as they navigate through their academic and personal lives.  We have counselors, psychiatric social workers, attendance counselors and psychologist to provide students the tools and the spaces to lead fulfilling lives.  
Our focus on College and Career is exemplified via our advisory program.  This program is aligned to the specific needs of students at every grade level.  Freshman and Sophomores dedicate this time getting to know themselves and exploring possible career options.  Juniors and Seniors take SAT preparation courses select and apply for colleges and universities as well as understand and apply for financial aid.
Our focus on community involvement is supported by our Community Representative and Community Schools coordinator.  Together we provide our families resources from within and outside of the school.  We offer a variety of workshops and trainings as well as include parents in instructional rounds in order to improve classroom instruction.  
The CATS family is comprised of talented staff members who are committed to research-based best practices, innovation, equity and access and distributed leadership.  It is our immense pleasure to serve the students and families of South Los Angeles.